My experience with the health system and TB

Lihle Dlamini is the Deputy General Secretary of the Treatment Action Campaign. Her HIV activism started in 2002 when she was diagnosed with TB and experienced the horrors of the South African public health system.

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Diagnostic tests for active tuberculosis

This article descibes the tests that are used to diagnose active TB.

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How TB drugs work

Use this slideshow to see the different TB drugs and how they work.

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Battling the white plague

How old is TB? Where does it come from? What was our understanding of TB before the rise of scientific medicine? Read this history of TB to find out.

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Drug-resistant TB

Stigma, isolation and a high risk of death: these are the challenges facing most drug-resistant TB patients. This article explains drug-resistance and what is fueling it.

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Tuberculosis in Children

TB has become a neglected disease, but it is particularly neglected in children. This article introduces the science of TB in children and describes childhood TB epidemics in different parts of the world.

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