TB Online is a website for activists, patients, healthcare workers and researchers to learn more about tuberculosis (TB) so that we can work to alleviate and ultimately end the worldwide epidemic.


TB Online is the website of the Global Tuberculosis Community Advisory Board (TB CAB). We are dedicated to increasing community involvement in TB research and to mobilizing political will to develop and make available TB diagnostics, treatments and preventive technologies.


The TB CAB is comprised of research activists from all over the world who are extensively involved in HIV and TB research networks. To learn more about the TB CAB, click here.

TB Online does not intend to offer medical advice, consultations, or treatment of any kind. If you or a loved one has a specific medical need or question, please contact a care provider or your national treatment program.


Ana Balkandjieva manages this site and develops all news content.
Nathan Geffen designed the site and provides technical support for the site’s maintenance.

Original contributors to this website include Polly Clayden, Francesca Conradie, Gregg Gonsalves, Anna Grimsrud, Kay Kim, Joan Leavens, Tate Lowrey, Alex Müller and Catherine Tomlinson.

This website was founded with the support of the following organizations: the Global TB Community Advisory Board (TB CAB), Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Treatment Action Group (TAG), HIV i-Base, European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG), South Africa Development Fund, and Community Media Trust (CMT).

This website is maintained with the support of TAG and the EATG.