Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

Mapping the Technology Landscape of National TB Programs: Report

Harnessing the power of digital health technologies is essential to driving progress in the fight against tuberculosis (TB). The COVID-19 pandemic has further underlined the importance of digital tools and international cooperation and collaboration for global health.

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STriTuVaD clinical trial of RUTIĀ® vaccine for TB: First patient recruited at AIIMS, India

The STriTuVaD Consortium is proud to announce the recruitment of the first patient in the STriTuVaD clinical trial of RUTI® vaccine for tuberculosis (TB)

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Global TB progress at risk: COVID-19 and funding shortages undermine years of steady gains

TB deaths rise for the first time in more than a decade due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Advocates urge Cepheid to reinstate plans to commercialize GeneXpert Omni

Advocates call out Cepheid for canceling commercialization of the portable point-of-care GeneXpert Omni testing instrument and urge the company to reinstate plans to launch Omni, reiterating demands for Cepheid to reduce the price of GeneXpert tests to $5, inclusive of service and maintenance, across diseases.

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Joint GLI-GDI workshop: access to diagnostics, treatment, and care to end TB

The Global Laboratory Initiative (GLI) and the Global Drug-Resistant TB Initiative (GDI) will conduct a joint workshop on access to diagnostics, treatment, and care to end TB. The workshop is organized as part of the 52nd Union World Conference on Lung Health on 14 October 2021.

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Union Conference: Civil society sponsored registration re-opened

The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease re-opened sponsored registration for civil society to attend the 52nd Union World Conference on Lung Health (Union Conference) to be held virtually on 19-22 October 2021.

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TAGline: Delivering on the promise of long-acting formulations

October 2021 issue of TAGline delves deep into the development of long-acting formulations for the treatment and prevention of HIV, TB, hepatitis C, and malaria.

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IJTLD October 2021 issue now online

The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IJTLD) is the official publication of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union).

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Fresh hope for improving treatments for deadly lung disease

Tuberculosis (TB) is still one of the biggest infectious killers in the world. Multiple drug resistant (MDR) TB has become a global health emergency, an emerging European crisis, and an important Irish public health concern. Many challenges remain in the global fight against this disease including a clinical need for effective treatments against MDR-TB.

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Pulmonary TB associated with increased lung cancer risk in patients with COPD

Among patients with COPD in South Korea, with an intermediate tuberculosis burden, history of pulmonary TB was associated with an increased risk for developing lung cancer, researchers reported.

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