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Webinar: TB vaccines for adults and adolescents: Progress, prospect, and perspectives - recording now available online (post)

A webinar, organized by the Global Vaccine and Immunization Research Forum (GVIRF), brought together experts to discuss the status of TB vaccine development across the value chain, from articulation of the public health and economic need for new TB vaccines through the status and strategies for product development, to the considerations for approval, policy recommendation and use.

Breakthrough aerosol human infection model gives hope for future TB vaccine development (post)

University of Oxford researchers have for the first time established a controlled human infection model for tuberculosis (TB) that infects people via the lungs – the way TB enters the body.

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Novel vaccine trial design aims to answer key TB questions (post with simple image)

Prevention of infection study underway in South Africa.

The Lancet journals: World TB Day media alert (post with simple image)

For World TB Day 2014, The Lancet group publishes a Series of papers to highlight the need for global collaboration to diagnose, treat, and cure people with tuberculosis.

HIV i-Base/TAG: 2014 Pipeline Report (post with simple image)

Latest annual review on pipeline drugs for adults and children, strategies for cure and prevention for HIV, HCV, TB and vaccine research.

New vaccine shows promise as stronger weapon against both tuberculosis and leprosy (post with simple image)

UCLA-led research finds that a variant of an existing vaccine offers stronger protection against both diseases

Large trial will evaluate vaccine’s ability to prevent tuberculosis disease (post with simple image)

Multi-site study underway in Africa

New vaccines targeting adults and teens are best chance to eliminate TB by 2050 (post with simple image)

Targets to eliminate tuberculosis by 2050 are more likely to be met if new vaccines are developed for adults and adolescents instead of for infants.

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