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IAVI and Zendal announce funding for efficacy trial of promising TB vaccine candidate in Africa (post)

  • TB kills 1.3 million people a year and sickens more than 10 million people annually.
  • A new TB vaccine is needed to reach the global End TB goals.
  • MTBVAC is a highly promising vaccine candidate that has the potential to be used as an alternative to BCG vaccination in infants and for prevention of TB disease in adolescents and adults.
  • Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to IAVI will support efficacy trial.

NEW YORK, U.S. and PORRIÑO, SPAIN — December 18, 2023 — IAVI, a global nonprofit scientific research organization, and Spanish biopharmaceutical company Biofabri, a subsidiary of Zendal, today announced that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded IAVI US$55 million to conduct a Phase IIb trial assessing the safety and efficacy of the tuberculosis (TB) vaccine candidate MTBVAC to prevent active TB lung disease in adolescents and adults. This funding has been made possible in part through a grant provided by Open Philanthropy, a grant-making organization that aims to use its resources to help others as much as it can. This trial is also supported by additional funding provided by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) through the KfW Development Bank, which provides funding to IAVI and partners in support of developing MTBVAC. It is anticipated that the trial will begin enrolling participants in mid-2024.

Novel inhaled vaccine for TB to be trialled (post)

The Jenner Institute at NDM is conducting a new study using the Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine, the only vaccine currently licensed against tuberculosis. People who have received the BCG vaccine previously will be given it again to compare whether giving it by inhalation is better at protecting people against tuberculosis than giving it through the skin.

TB Vax 101 webinar: Introduction to TB vaccines (post)

The Office of HIV/AIDS Network Coordination (HANC) and the TB Trials Consortium Community Research Advisors Group will host a webinar on 22 February 2024 focused on TB vaccines.

TB Vax ARM meeting: Setting the scene for TB R&D advocacy in 2024 (post)

The TB Vaccine Advocacy Roadmap (TB Vax ARM) will hold its first virtual meeting of the year on 14 February 2024 with updates on key news and developments from the field from Treatment Action Group, FIND, and IAVI:

WGNV newsletter: Latest updates on TB vaccines (post)

The Stop TB Partnership Working Group on New TB Vaccines (WGNV) released a newsletter with the latest updates related to TB vaccines.

Upending the dogma of TB latency: Will it offer new clues for vaccine research? (post)

There are many reasons why HIV is such a perplexing virus to combat. One of them is that there are incredibly few people — only a few, if that, of the nearly 86 million people to acquire HIV to date — who have naturally cleared the virus after becoming infected. Once an HIV infection occurs, it almost always persists in the body for a lifetime.

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Novel vaccine trial design aims to answer key TB questions (post with simple image)

Prevention of infection study underway in South Africa.

The Lancet journals: World TB Day media alert (post with simple image)

For World TB Day 2014, The Lancet group publishes a Series of papers to highlight the need for global collaboration to diagnose, treat, and cure people with tuberculosis.

HIV i-Base/TAG: 2014 Pipeline Report (post with simple image)

Latest annual review on pipeline drugs for adults and children, strategies for cure and prevention for HIV, HCV, TB and vaccine research.

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