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Member States must commit to invest in TB vaccine R&D (post with simple image)

A one-pager, developed by TB Vax ARM, provides relevant background information on the critical need for Member States to substantially increase adequate, predictable, and sustainable financing for TB vaccine research.

Information note: New fair share funding targets for TB research 0.1% -> 0.15% (post with simple image)

Treatment Action Group releases an updated Information note providing details on the new 0.15% fair share funding targets for TB research.

Nearly all countries “far off track” of meeting TB research targets despite publicly reaffirming commitments at UN (post with simple image)

A sobering new analysis from Treatment Action Group shows that governments failed to meet previous commitments to fund TB research.

TAG's 2023 Pipeline Report: TB vaccines (post with simple image)

Treatment Action Group launches the first TB chapter of its 2023 Pipeline Report.

TAG condemns GSK actions surrounding potential TB vaccine revealed by bombshell ProPublica report (post with simple image)

The report portrays how GSK’s financial interests have – and will likely continue to – set back progress against the world’s deadliest infectious disease lays bare just how egregiously large pharmaceutical companies bilk the global public, and makes an urgent case for government and philanthropic funders to take action and demand better.

Eradicating TB: time to make this age-old dream a reality (post with simple image)

A call to action ahead of the Union Conference urges France to confirm the commitments made in the UN Political Declaration on TB and to translate it into concrete measures.

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