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An Activist’s Guide to Rifapentine (post with simple image)

The guide details important efficacy, safety, and access information on rifapentine, a game-changing drug for treating TB infection in order to prevent active TB disease.

Research, regulatory, and access considerations regarding pretomanid (post with simple image)

TB CAB releases document outlining key considerations regarding pretomanid in anticipation of FDA public advisory committee meeting on the TB Alliance's new drug application for pretomanid.

Public investment in bedaquiline up to five-fold that of Johnson & Johnson (post with simple image)

PLOS ONE publishes TAG’s rigorous, peer-reviewed calculation of investments in the development of this life-saving TB medicine.

Hepatitis C and TB Long-Acting Medicines: Analysis of Patenting Trends and Implications for Access (post with simple image)

Treatment Action Group releases a patent landscape investigating potential patent barriers for the development and delivery of long-acting formulations for selected hepatitis C and TB medicines.

Nitrosamines and TB medicines information note (post with simple image)

TAG and IMPAACT4TB project partners release several materials to explain how the identification of nitrosamines in rifampicin and rifapentine may affect the safety and supply of TB medicines, and what this may mean for TB programs and patients.

What’s new in the TB section of the 2023 WHO Model Lists of Essential Medicines (post with simple image)

The World Health Organization’s 2023 Model Lists of Essential Medicines, published in July 2023, features key updates to the TB section.

WHO publishes updated list of priorities for paediatric formulations of TB medicines (post with simple image)

WHO publishes the report of the second meeting of PADO-TB2 group providing an updated list of priorities for paediatric formulations of TB medicines.

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