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Pakistan: Some success: Treating tuberculosis with the food basket incentive (post)

KARACHI: Faces all around you are covered by masks, even your own, because the moment you enter the area you are handed a mask.

Statement: BRICS countries call for united action to advance global progress against tuberculosis (post)

24 March 2014 - BRICS countries have joined together on World TB Day to call for united action against tuberculosis (TB) - a disease responsible for more deaths in the last 200 years than any other disease. By prioritizing TB in domestic investments, BRICS countries aim to control and ultimately eliminate TB.

Film highlights TB epidemic in China and China’s crucial role in eliminating TB worldwide (post)

March 21, 2014 – Beijing, China - A short documentary film exploring the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic in China has been launched by Aeras, a nonprofit biotech advancing tuberculosis vaccines for the world. “Hope: Developing Safe and Effective Vaccines to Fight TB” highlights China’s desire and innovative leadership in solving the global problem of TB. The film includes Chinese researchers who are leading the way in developing new vaccines to prevent tuberculosis. Featuring patients, doctors and top TB vaccine researchers, Hope illuminates China’s unique role in ending the global tuberculosis epidemic.

Tanzania: Tuberculosis fight seen succeeding but ... (post)

Tanzania has surpassed the World aspiration of treating new Tuberculosis (TB) cases annually by reaching 88 per cent target, out of the 85 per cent set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Financial Times publishes special report on TB (post)

The Financial Times published a special report (.pdf) titled "Combating Tuberculosis" in recognition of World TB Day, March 24.

UN marks World TB Day with calls for global solidarity to eradicate tuberculosis (post)

24 March 2014 – On World Tuberculosis Day, the United Nations is calling for intensified global solidarity to eradicate the preventable disease, particularly by mobilizing the resources to bridge the “substantial” funding gap for TB care and control.

Mass TB tests ‘would save billions’ (post)

SOUTHERN African countries could realise savings 40 times what they would otherwise spend if they were to test and treat all mineworkers in the gold and platinum group metal industries for tuberculosis (TB), according to the preliminary findings of a World Bank study released on Tuesday.

WHO African Region: Countries urged to step-up fight against TB (post)

Brazzaville, 24 March 2014 – Countries in the African Region have been urged to scale up action to address tuberculosis (TB), an infectious disease which killed more than half a million people in the Region in 2013.

Is emerging South Africa ready to fight TB on its own? (post)

This week — as the aid community observed World Tuberculosis Day — all eyes turned to South Africa, which despite its booming economy continues to suffer at the hands of an old and persistent enemy.

IOM-MHD: Launching special website focused on migration and tuberculosis (post)

On the occasion of World TB Day 2014 (March 24), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) launched a special website focused on migration and tuberculosis. Here is the announcement: 

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