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An investment case for new TB vaccines (post with simple image)

A document summarizes the results of the WHO-commissioned full value proposition for new TB vaccines.

WHO announces plans to establish a TB Vaccine Accelerator Council (post with simple image)

The Council will facilitate the licensing and use of effective novel TB vaccines catalysing high-level alignment between funders, global agencies, governments and end users in identifying and overcoming barriers to TB vaccine development.

Act now: A call to world leaders to increase investment in TB vaccine R&D (post with simple image)

Global TB community calls on world leaders to increase political and financial commitments to develop and roll out new TB vaccines as a central part of the global TB response.

Wellcome and the Gates Foundation to fund late-stage development of a TB vaccine candidate (post with simple image)

Wellcome and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announce US$550 million funding to advance a TB vaccine candidate, M72/AS01E, through a Phase III clinical trial that could be the first in 100 years if proven effective.

Investment toolbox to advance TB vaccine development through joint action (post with simple image)

A policy brief outlines recommendations for G20 members to act together to accelerate TB vaccine development.

Member States must commit to invest in TB vaccine R&D (post with simple image)

A one-pager, developed by TB Vax ARM, provides relevant background information on the critical need for Member States to substantially increase adequate, predictable, and sustainable financing for TB vaccine research.

TAG's 2023 Pipeline Report: TB vaccines (post with simple image)

Treatment Action Group launches the first TB chapter of its 2023 Pipeline Report.

TAG condemns GSK actions surrounding potential TB vaccine revealed by bombshell ProPublica report (post with simple image)

The report portrays how GSK’s financial interests have – and will likely continue to – set back progress against the world’s deadliest infectious disease lays bare just how egregiously large pharmaceutical companies bilk the global public, and makes an urgent case for government and philanthropic funders to take action and demand better.

Development of the candidate TB vaccine H56:IC31 ended based on early data from the Prevention of Recurrence TB Consortium (post with simple image)

Vaccine well tolerated and demonstrated immunogenicity but did not provide protection against TB recurrence; Participants being informed; Further analysis continues.

Statement from TAG, Global TB CAB on H56:IC31 Phase IIb trial results (post with simple image)

The Global TB CAB and TAG commend the investigators for sharing results early and openly with a diverse group of key stakeholders, and urge the scientific community and funders to continue efforts to find different options to prevent TB.

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