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As TB re-emerges, a link is found to low vitamin D in children (post)

There could be a link between children having low vitamin D and contracting tuberculosis.

Government of India and World Bank sign $100 million agreement for accelerating universal access to early and effective tuberculosis care in India (post)

The project will contribute to the care of about 3.1 million TB patients, increase treatment for MDR-TB to 40,000 patients annually, and reach 90,000 pediatric TB cases annually

Incorrect medication worsens drug-resistant TB (post)

Experts are concerned that we’re running into an era where we don’t have drugs available because organisms have developed resistance to these drugs.

14% of Sierra Leone’s children contract TB (post)

The National Leprosy and Tuberculosis Control Programme Manager, Dr. Alie H. Wurie has on Wednesday June 18 disclosed that the rate of Sierra Leonean children contracting tuberculosis yearly “is becoming a problem.”

TB drug resistance signifies failure (post)

LONDON, 9 July 2014 (IRIN) - Tuberculosis control programmes are among the oldest public health campaigns (dating back 125 years) but are not nearly as successful as they should be. Despite effective drugs having been available for over 50 years, TB still kills a million people a year, making it the world's single deadliest infectious disease after AIDS.

South Africa: Shroud of ignorance around TB (post)

Johannesburg - Has your child been screened for tuberculosis at school, crèche or a local clinic?

Tuberculosis in children: an interview with Dr Peter Dodd, University of Sheffield (post)

It was recently announced that new estimates indicated over 650,000 children develop tuberculosis (TB) every year in the 22 countries with a high burden of the disease (HBCs). Which countries are these and why are so many children developing TB in these areas?

BCG-TB vaccination may be delayed for HIV-exposed infants (post)

Researchers have found no evidence that delayed administration of the bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination for tuberculosis (TB) affects immune responses to the vaccine, according to a South African study published online August 8 in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

New podcast discusses past, present, and future attempts to measure pediatric TB (post)

When a recent study in the Lancet revealed that there may be 650,000 annual cases of TB in children, some began to question whether these figures were at odds with the estimate of 530,000 previously made by WHO in 2012. In reality, WHO has been closely involved in much of the recent research that has emerged on the subject. Additionally, more research is expected and needed in order to even further define the pediatric TB landscape. This podcast features some of the leaders in pediatric TB research contextualizing past, present, and future research into the pediatric TB landscape.

BCG vaccine protects against TB infection, active disease in kids (post)

Meta-analysis of 14 studies indicated that BCG vaccination protects against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in children under 16 years old, while a six-study analysis determined that the vaccine protects and against progression from infection to active disease.

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