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UNAIDS urges governments to ensure that HIV service providers from community-led organizations are recognized as essential service providers in the context of COVID-19 (post with simple image)

Community-led health service delivery has become even more critical in the context of COVID-19, as the needs of marginalized community members and the burden on the health sector are increasing, making it vital that continued provision of HIV, TB and other health services is secured.

World Health Assembly ends with global commitment to COVID-19 response (post with simple image)

The 73rd World Health Assembly adopts a resolution to bring the world together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

TAG policy brief: TB Research Investments Provide Returns in Combating Both TB and COVID-19 (post with simple image)

Sustained and expanded financing is needed to safeguard TB research against COVID-19–related disruptions and improve global epidemic preparedness.

Global Fund Results Report 2021 (post with simple image)

Global Fund Results Report reveals COVID-19 devastating impact on HIV, TB and malaria programs.

Remembering Dr. Paul Farmer (post with simple image)

World-renowned infectious disease doctor, anthropologist, global health advocate, and author leaves large legacy.

The European Commission must scale up its contribution to the Global Fund (post with simple image)

Advocates call on the European Commission to make an early pledge of € 715 million to the Global Fund’s replenishment campaign.

Unprecedented focus on global public health at UN General Assembly (post with simple image)

WHO urges world leaders to commit to progress on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response and to secure health for all, end TB, and reinvigorate SDGs.

Global Fund Results Report 2023 (post with simple image)

Results in the fight against HIV, TB and malaria exceed pre-COVID-19 numbers; yet colliding crises keep the world way off track to achieve 2030 targets.

Policy brief: New TB vaccines needed to tackle AMR (post with simple image)

Developing new TB vaccines by 2030 is within reach if decision-makers prioritize TB vaccine R&D as a signature piece of global health and AMR agendas.

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