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A matter of life and death (post)

Martin Khor, executive director of the South Centre, warns that negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement are a matter of life and death.

World TB Day: A “3 Million” brochure (post)

Download a brochure that explains the problem of how and why there are so many people not reached by TB services every year and what can be done to address that.

Asia-Pacific region: Drug-resistant tuberculosis: collaborative regional leadership required (post)

Burnet’s Dr Suman Majumdar has joined leading Australian tuberculosis physicians, Dr Ben Marais, Dr Justin Denholm and Professor Warwick Britton, in calling for urgent action to respond to the global challenge posed by drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB).

Videos: Tuberculosis, a killer disease (post)

All you need to know about Tuberculosis, explained in six short web clips. Click here to watch the videos.

TB Alliance establishes advisory group to help end neglect of children with TB and get desperately-needed TB medicines to children (post)

TB Alliance, an international non-profit that develops better, faster-acting, and affordable tuberculosis (TB) drugs, announced the establishment of an advisory group of prominent health and development experts that will support the TB Alliance’s initiative to fight TB in children.

Forum of International Respiratory Societies to assist in finding the 3 million “missed” TB cases (post)

“The Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) is committed to mobilizing all its members to help reach the ‘missing’ 3 million tuberculosis cases”, said Dr Maria Montes de Oca, chair of FIRS. “FIRS members represent 70,000 health professionals working in almost every country of the world, so the capacity to increase case finding and provide TB care that meets the International Standards of TB Care is there.”

UN marks World TB Day with calls for global solidarity to eradicate tuberculosis (post)

24 March 2014 – On World Tuberculosis Day, the United Nations is calling for intensified global solidarity to eradicate the preventable disease, particularly by mobilizing the resources to bridge the “substantial” funding gap for TB care and control.

Report: ECAB meeting on HIV/TB coinfection, May 17-19, 2013 (post)

The purpose of the report, based on the TB ECAB (European Community Advisory Board) meeting held in Brussels between May 17-19, 2013 is to inform ECAB and community advocates on HIV/TB treatment, care and research advocacy, in order to increase the capacity of the ECAB members and partners to get further involved in TB drugs, diagnostics development and access, and to identify key advocacy priorities.

Fundamental research is the key to eliminating TB (post)

Fewer people will contract tuberculosis (TB) this year than last. That is good news, and enough to meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goal that called “to halt and begin to reverse the incidence” of TB. But the pace of progress is too slow. Some 8.6 million people contracted the disease in 2012, and 1.3 million died, including 320,000 people with HIV. As it stands, the world will miss the international target to eliminate TB by 2050. To meet that ambitious goal, we need to modernize the way in which we tackle the disease. This means that fundamental research must play a bigger part in nurturing the development of diagnostics, medicines and vaccines.

Congress budget pact good for global health but NIH cuts threaten US innovations (post)

New report from Global Health Technologies Coalition reveals a pipeline teeming with US-supported products, but neglect of National Institutes of Health is major concern

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