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An Activist’s Protocol Review Toolkit (post with simple image)

A toolkit, developed by Treatment Action Group, is designed to facilitate community participation in the development and review of clinical trials protocols.

Accountability to end TB: A global responsibility (post with simple image)

A report, released by RESULTS UK, makes the case for accountability within the global TB response, highlighting the lack of progress against the 2018 global commitments and the role of accountability within these commitments.

Open letter to Johnson & Johnson requesting clarification on the recent deal on generic bedaquiline supply (post with simple image)

Advocates call for clarity on the terms of the Johnson & Johnson's deal with the Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility to supply generic bedaquiline.

Six-week campaign for the High-Level Meeting on TB (post with simple image)

The campaign calls for high-level participation in the 22 September meeting, and strong and ambitious commitments by all Heads of State and Governments.

Global Drug Facility announces price reductions up to 55% for bedaquiline (post with simple image)

The new prices are valid through December 2024 and present price reductions up to 55% compared to the previous price of US$289 for a 6-month treatment course of bedaquiline.

Two TB CAB position papers published in Public Health Action (post with simple image)

Two position papers, developed by the Global TB Community Advisory Board (TB CAB), are published in the September 2023 issue of Public Health Action.

Information note: New fair share funding targets for TB research 0.1% -> 0.15% (post with simple image)

Treatment Action Group releases an updated Information note providing details on the new 0.15% fair share funding targets for TB research.

Unprecedented focus on global public health at UN General Assembly (post with simple image)

WHO urges world leaders to commit to progress on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response and to secure health for all, end TB, and reinvigorate SDGs.

Lancet Commission calls for renewed global response on TB (post with simple image)

Without action, more than 27 million lives could be lost between now and 2050.

Johnson & Johnson and Cepheid must expand access to TB drug and tests (post with simple image)

TB is curable but remains the world’s leading infectious disease killer as pharma corporations stand in the way of affordable medical tools.

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