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India to see largest rollout of TB drugs this year

Seven years after the World Health Organisation (WHO) approved guidelines to treat tuberculosis in children, India will become the largest country globally to roll out the world's first easily-dissolvable and flavoured TB drugs.

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India: Diabetes patients will now be tested for TB

  • Diabetes patients will now also be referred to undergo examination for tuberculosis at government facilities.
  • Studies showed that people with diabetes have 2-3 times higher risk of contracting TB.
  • The project has been implemented in 100 districts across India.

CHENNAI: Patients who test positive for diabetes at government facilities will now also be referred to undergo examination for tuberculosis.

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India: 20 of 26 Sewri hospital staffers with TB have MDR variant

Mumbai: Twenty of the 26 employees of the civic-run Sewri TB Hospital, under treatment for tuberculosis, suffer from the multi-drug-resistant variant, according to civic statistics. Only six are under treatment for regular TB.

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Mumbai: TB again top killer disease, lifestyle ailments not far behind

MUMBAI: Tuberculosis, hypertension and diabetes have emerged among the top killers of 2014-15, showing how maximum city is at the receiving end of both infectious and lifestyle diseases. Additionally, the 'State of Health of Mumbai' report released by NGO Praja Foundation on Tuesday, showed that a significant number of people from productive age-groups have died of absolutely treatable and preventable diseases.

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India: State's failure to track migrants with tuberculosis raises concern

PUNE: Unchecked migration and poor living conditions in urban slums have contributed significantly to the rising tuberculosis (TB) cases in the state, experts said. India reports around 2.1 million cases of TB annually, which is 25% of the global burden, they added.

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MDR-TB deaths in Mumbai less than national average, 350 patients cured

MUMBAI: As many as 1,033 of the 7,483 people diagnosed with drug-resistant tuberculosis in the city have died over the past five years. But with a 14% mortality rate, the city seems to have fared better than the national average of 25%.

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India: Pilot project initiated to detect TB in children

CHENNAI: For most tubercolosis patients and their families, their health is often put to test by their countless visits to hospitals and scan centres. In the end, many may be diagnosed early as having the dreaded bacteria, but several others with the infection — most of them children.

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India: Mobile app for doctors to alert govt about new TB patients

MUMBAI: In another first for the city's tuberculosis-control programme, doctors here will be able to use a mobile app to notify the central government of new patients. The Android-based app will be directly linked to the government's online registry of TB patients called Nikshay.

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India: 600 workers off duty, tuberculosis prevention hit

NEW DELHI: The prevention and management of tuberculosis - one of the deadliest communicable diseases - has been hit badly in the city due to strike by health workers. Over 600 employees working in the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program have been off-duty for over three weeks raising apprehensions about the spread of the disease. They are demanding regularization in service and hike in remuneration.

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Mumbai finds 1,407 patients with drug-resistant TB

Six months after a special plan to combat tuberculosis was introduced in the city, there is an estimate of just how widespread the deadly drug-resistant variety of the disease is in the community. Of 6,561 people screened for the disease across the city, 1,407 tested positive, said BMC officials on Tuesday.

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