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Danaher continues to charge exorbitant prices for lifesaving medical tests despite urgent demands for price reductions by several Ministries of Health

Officials from several Ministries of Health have written to Danaher requesting that the price of the tests for XDR-TB, HIV and hepatitis — currently priced at $14.90 per test cartridge — also be lowered to no more than $7.97. 

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Urgent call for Europe to improve treatment access for TB

Many TB medicines and formulations accessible in lower- and middle-income countries remain unaffordable or unavailable in Europe.

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Webinar recording: Time for $5 Campaign: Advocating for affordable GeneXpert tests and plans for the High-Level Meeting on TB

Ahead of the High-Level Meeting on TB, Médecins Sans Frontières conducted a webinar on 8 September 2023 to provide information about the next phase of the Time for $5 Campaign, calling on the diagnostics company Cepheid and its parent corporation Danaher to reduce the price of the GeneXpert test cartridge to $5.

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Johnson & Johnson and Cepheid must expand access to TB drug and tests

TB is curable but remains the world’s leading infectious disease killer as pharma corporations stand in the way of affordable medical tools.

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MSF TB clinical trial finds shorter, more effective, and safer treatment

New results show a much shorter treatment regimen for drug-resistant TB is superior to current options.

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DR-TB Drugs Under the Microscope, 6th edition

Médecins Sans Frontières releases the 6th edition of DR-TB Drugs Under the Microscope: 5 Urgent Actions to Improve DR-TB Treatment.

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MSF: Trans-Pacific Partnership a threat to public health in Asia-Pacific region

Tokyo, 15 March 2013 – Following Prime Minister Abe’s announcement today of Japan’s intention to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement negotiations, international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) called on Japan and the rest of TPP negotiating countries to reject rules that threaten to dismantle internationally-agreed public health safeguards and restrict access to medicines in developing countries.

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Tajikistan: Médecins Sans Frontières treats its youngest-ever patient for multidrug-resistant TB

Few children at the paediatric tuberculosis hospital in Dushanbe look as active and healthy as Shirinmo. The little girl is bright and busy as she crawls across the waiting room floor. But get closer and you can hear that her breath comes in gasps and has a rattling sound. The devastating diagnosis: the nine-month-old is suffering from multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), a disease that spreads easily and, if left untreated, kills.

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Alarming scale of MDR-TB requires rapid response to avert emerging global crisis

Alarming new data suggest that the global scope of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is much more vast than previously estimated, requiring a concerted international effort to combat this deadlier form of the disease, the medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) announced today.

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