WHO BPaLM Accelerator Platform: to support the Call to Action for implementation of the shorter and more effective treatment for all people suffering from drug-resistant TB

The World Health Organization (WHO)’s latest guidelines on drug-resistant TB treatment recommend rapid roll-out of the novel BPaLM regimen that has the potential to dramatically increase cure rates due to its high efficacy, allow broader access due to its lower cost and improve patient quality of life as this regimen is all-oral and significantly shorter than conventional treatment regimens. WHO and its partners have recently issued a Call to Action to call on governments and other stakeholders to accelerate the implementation of the novel, 6-month all-oral regimen for the treatment of drug-resistant TB.

To support the Call to Action and the rollout of the new 6-month regimen for the treatment of drug-resistant TB, WHO has established the WHO BPaLM Accelerator Platform that is a forum for technical discussions and exchanges among stakeholders who are involved in the implementation of the BPaLM regimen. The platform gathers programme managers, clinicians and other health professionals working in the countries across the globe, together with technical and funding partners who are supporting the rollout of the regimens. Within the WHO BPaLM Accelerator Platform, regular (monthly) online meetings are organized that focus on the priority operational aspects of the regimen implementation that are selected or suggested by the platform participants for presentations, discussions, or experience sharing. Resource people from different entities and countries will be invited to share their relevant knowledge, information or experiences that help facilitate the rollout of the regimen in countries.

Three regular meetings of the WHO BPaLM Accelerator Platform have been held between February and April 2023. The meeting minutes and presentations of the most recent meeting can be found in this link. The upcoming meeting (the 4th meeting) of the WHO BPaLM Accelerator Platform will be held 14.00 - 15.30 (Central European Time - CET), Tuesday, 9 May 2023.

You are invited to participate in the 4th meeting of the WHO BPaLM Accelerator Platform.

Tentative agenda of the meeting:

Moderators: Linh Nguyen & Fuad Mirzayev (Global Tuberculosis Programme, World Health Organization)

1. Cost-effectiveness on the introduction of BPaLM/BPaL regimen under programmatic conditions (Aastha Gupta, TB Alliance)

2. Digital adherence technologies for supporting patients on BPaLM/BPaL regimen (Job van Rest, KNCV)

3. Advancing Access to Shorter Regimens for Everyone, Everywhere as a Human Right: The 1/4/6x24 Campaign (Lindsay McKenna, Treatment Action Group)

4. Discussion

Please find below the Zoom link for the meeting:


Meeting ID: 997 2026 6178

Passcode: Yk0==phL

Source: World Health Organization

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By World Health Organization

Published: May 2, 2023, 8:29 p.m.

Last updated: May 3, 2023, 11:32 p.m.

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