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IOM-MHD: Launching special website focused on migration and tuberculosis (post)

On the occasion of World TB Day 2014 (March 24), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) launched a special website focused on migration and tuberculosis. Here is the announcement: 

Dubai deporting foreign workers based on flawed TB screening policy (post)

Charanjeet Singh, 31, was deported from the United Arab Emirates in February 2013 because a medical test showed he had a scar on his lung. He was permanently banned from the country. He had secured a job in Dubai as a credit collector at a law firm.

In Pictures: Myanmar patients in India (post)

A doddering healthcare system pushes many from Myanmar to cross the Indian border into the town Moreh in the northeastern state of Manipur, to seek testing and treatment. Most patients suffer from drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) and are HIV positive.

Kenyan concerns about rising MDR-TB reflect regional public health challenge (post)

Kenya has made enormous strides in its efforts to tackle tuberculosis amongst its population, improving diagnosis and treatment to such an extent that prevalence has dropped from 335 to 299 cases per 100,000 people between 2006 and 2012. But the continuing insecurity in the region backed by the weakness of the health infrastructure in neighboring countries have maintained the flow of refugees into Kenya, and into the national health system in search of treatment and care.

The dangerous resurgence of tuberculosis in China (post)

China now has the second largest tuberculosis epidemic -second only to India- with more than 1.3 million new cases of tuberculosis every year. What makes the situation particularly serious, however, is that, according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control, China has the largest number of patients with Multiple Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB), and that Extremely Resistant Drug Tuberculosis (XDR-TB) is also widespread. These facts show the need to step up efforts to combat the disease.

India: State's failure to track migrants with tuberculosis raises concern (post)

PUNE: Unchecked migration and poor living conditions in urban slums have contributed significantly to the rising tuberculosis (TB) cases in the state, experts said. India reports around 2.1 million cases of TB annually, which is 25% of the global burden, they added.

New UAE Cabinet resolution: All residents to be tested for TB during visa renewal (post)

Dubai, February 25, 2016: A new Cabinet resolution on infectious and communicable diseases suggests a major shift in the renewal of residence visas of those found having old tuberculosis (TB) scars or drug-resistant TB.

Foreign tuberculosis patients in South Korea nearly triples in 5 years (post)

South Korean government has tightened monitoring of foreign nationals travelling from tuberculosis high-risk countries after the number of foreigners in Korea who are diagnosed with the infectious disease nearly tripled in the past five years.

Migrants must not be left out of efforts to end tuberculosis (post)

Switzerland - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is marking this year’s World TB Day by highlighting the critical importance of engaging in productive multi-sectoral partnerships to promote the health and well-being of migrants and mobile populations around the world, and help eliminate tuberculosis (TB).

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