Brief news reports on Tuberculosis

Advocates call on Commissioner Andriukaitis to foster EU member states’ response to TB

TB advocates urge the Commissioner to make a public statement on TB, encouraging EU member states to attend the UN High-Level Meeting on TB, at the highest level.

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ECDC: World TB Day 2018

The fight to eradicate Tuberculosis (TB) is far from over; this often-overlooked disease is still among the top 10 causes of death worldwide. In the European Union and European Economic Area around 60 000 TB cases are reported annually. World Tuberculosis Day – marked each year on 24 March – is an occasion to raise awareness and advocate for efforts to eliminate TB.

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GFAN World TB Day communications toolkit

The Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) released a communications toolkit for World TB Day (March 24), and produced a short video titled “We’ll See You in New York”.

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Delhi End TB Week in pictures

Pictures from the Delhi End TB Summit, held on 13-16 March 2018, and other related events compiled by the Stop TB Partnership.

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WHO treatment guidelines for isoniazid-resistant TB

The World Health Organization issues recommendations on management of isoniazid-resistant TB.

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Change the Game: An agenda for action on childhood TB

UNICEF releases a brochure presenting key facts and figures about childhood TB as well as an agenda to end the disease in children worldwide.

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Is an increased risk of getting TB related to vitamin E deficiency?

Researchers in Peru investigate whether there is a link between pre-existing vitamin E status and the likelihood of developing tuberculosis.

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Decrease in TB as Namibia observes World TB Day

Although the number of tuberculosis (TB) cases remains high in Namibia, there has been a significant reduction by 25 percent from 2010, when 12,000 cases were reported, to 9,000 cases.

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Peru government to invest more than 140 mln soles to fight against TB

The Peruvian Claudio Espinoza Choquepura, world champion of mathematics in 2003, showed this last Monday a great improvement in his fight to overcome tuberculosis that afflicts him. 

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Hope rises for a world free of TB

World TB Day 2018 is turning out to be special — never in the history of tuberculosis (TB) control has there been greater political attention and commitment to tackling the infectious disease that causes nearly two million deaths a year.

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