Drug shortages threaten US anti-TB efforts

Mounting problems with accessing life-saving products to diagnose and treat TB threaten the progress made against this communicable disease.

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Documents: SADC on TB integration, cross-border referrals

Released at a March regional meeting on tuberculosis in southern Africa's mines, these documents cover TB treatment harmonization, compensation and the economic benefits of regular TB screening of mining communities.

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Punked by pharma: Public funds for private products

Tax dollars are making it easier for the drug and diagnostics industry to develop and market essential TB products. Is the public getting a fair return on its investment?  

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Long walk to treatment for XDR tuberculosis in South Africa

South Africa has about 18% of the global burden of laboratory-confirmed MDR tuberculosis and the highest number of confirmed XDR cases.

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Fool’s errand: The sloppy science of the MDR-TB STREAM trial

Confirming the efficacy and safety of bedaquiline-inclusive regimens is a priority. Comparing them to unvalidated MDR-TB drug combinations in the planned STREAM study is not the way to go about it.

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TB Europe Coalition: It’s about time the European Union takes responsibility for drug-resistant TB

With EU elections coming up soon, there is a great opportunity for the new European Institutions to take concrete initiatives on drug-resistant tuberculosis: the only ingredient missing so far is political will.

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European Voice: New policy report on multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

Report, titled "The fight against tuberculosis", discusses the rising incidence of MDR-TB, the need for more effective treatments, new vaccines and better diagnostics and what needs to be done at a European level to tackle this preventable disease.

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South Africans living longer but drug-resistant TB a threat

Two government reports published in March show that the nation’s health is improving dramatically, but more people are getting sick from forms of tuberculosis that are difficult to treat.

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India: Call for public-private health sector to follow standards of TB care

First edition of Standards for TB Care in India released by Central TB Division, Government of India on World TB Day (24 March 2014).

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Southern African countries commit to address TB in the mining sector

Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Namibia agreed to go towards a regional harmonization approach in addressing tuberculosis in mining.

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