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Advocates call on Unitaid to prioritise AIDS deaths and TB treatment in its investment and strategic plans (post with simple image)

Prioritising AIDS/advanced HIV disease and TB treatment in Unitaid’s Investment Plan and Strategic Framework for 2022-2026.

Advocates call on Indian government to stop using injectable agents for the treatment of drug-resistant TB (post with simple image)

Advocates urge the Indian government to stop using kanamycin for the treatment of drug-resistant TB and instead scale up access to all oral regimens.

Key changes to the treatment of drug-resistant TB (post with simple image)

The World Health Organization issues rapid communication on updated guidance for the treatment of drug-resistant TB.

Major improvements in quality of life for people with drug-susceptible TB expected following updates in TB treatment regimens (post with simple image)

The updated WHO consolidated guidelines on treatment of drug-susceptible TB include a new recommendation for the use of a 4-month regimen composed of isoniazid, rifapentine, moxifloxacin and pyrazinamid.

Activists across the world demand urgent action to improve access to lifesaving TB medicine, bedaquiline (post with simple image)

Communities affected by TB everywhere have a right to benefit from scientific progress, including access to short-course, bedaquiline-based treatment regimens for drug-resistant TB.

Response to TB treatment trials results published and presented during the 2022 Union World Conference on Lung Health (post with simple image)

Statement by Treatment Action Group (TAG) and the Global Tuberculosis Community Advisory Board (TB CAB)

New MSF report warns that major opportunity to increase access to newer, safer DR-TB drugs is at risk (post with simple image)

With newer TB drugs to go off patent in 2023, MSF calls on Johnson & Johnson, Otsuka, and TB Alliance to remove additional barriers blocking generic manufacturers from entering the market.

Urgent action necessary to improve equitable access to bedaquiline-based regiments and achieve 1/4/6×24 (post with simple image)

Advocates urge Johnson & Johnson to correct its course and stop blocking entry of generic versions of bedaquiline into the global market and into countries.

India must reject Johnson & Johnson’s attempt to extend monopoly on lifesaving TB drug bedaquiline (post with simple image)

Médecins Sans Frontières urges the Indian Patent Office to reject the secondary patent application filed by Johnson & Johnson to prevent the company from extending its monopoly on bedaquiline beyond the primary patent’s expiry in July 2023.

Updates from the 1/4/6x24 Campaign (post with simple image)

A few recent Campaign updates from Treatment Action Group and allies.
Contact for more information on how to be part of the 1/4/6x24 Campaign.

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