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How TB drugs work (gallery)

These images demonstrate the sites on a TB bacterium where different TB drugs inactivate or kill the bacterium.

First line TB drugs (image)

These drugs are used in first-line treatment for TB, ideally on patients who do not have multi-drug resistance.

Extensively Drug Resistant TB drugs (image)

Treating extensively drug-resistant TB is difficult. Clinicians have to try various cocktails of drugs, most with serious side-effects.

Experimental or new TB drugs (image)

These are new TB drugs that are still being tested. Hopefully some of them will soon be approved and become available for general use.

Kanamycin (image)

Kanamycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic used to treat several bacterial infections. It is used to treat multi-drug resistant TB as well.

Rifampicin (image)

Rifampicin capsules

A quick reference to drugs commonly used in the management of TB (post)

This is a very useful quick reference guide to first and second-line TB drugs from the WRHI.

How TB is treated (post)

The standard TB regimen is a six month course of antibiotics but the duration and drugs used may vary according to a patient’s age, type of TB infection, and whether they have been treated before.  Treating TB takes longer than treating other types of bacterial infections because the bacteria that cause TB grow slowly, and die slowly.  The standard six month course of treatment consists of two phases.  The first phase lasts two months and is called the intensive phase.  The second phase lasts four months and is called the continuous phase.

Just how bad is tuberculosis in North Korea? (post)

SEOUL, South Korea — Visiting North Korea is by no means easy.

Union study provides findings on best rifabutin dosage for TB patients on antiretroviral therapy (post)

The results of a phase II pharmacokinetics study conducted by The Union and its partners in Vietnam were published today in the scientific journal PlosOne. The study assessed different doses of rifabutin in combination with protease inhibitor-based antiretroviral therapy (ART) for HIV-infected patients who are also infected with TB. 

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