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Stop TB Partnership and experts sound the alarm on urgent investments needed for new TB vaccines (post with simple image)

Progress in COVID-19 vaccine development shows the value of investing in vaccines, yet TB vaccine research received only 20% of needed funding in 2019.

Hepatitis C and TB Long-Acting Medicines: Analysis of Patenting Trends and Implications for Access (post with simple image)

Treatment Action Group releases a patent landscape investigating potential patent barriers for the development and delivery of long-acting formulations for selected hepatitis C and TB medicines.

TB Research Funding Trends, 2005–2020 (post with simple image)

New TB funding trends report finds that funding for TB research in 2020 reached only US$915 million – less than half of investment needed to end TB.

Shortfall in TB research and development funding persists as COVID-19 erodes hard-won gains (post with simple image)

Statement on 2021 G-FINDER Report

Advocates call on European leadership to fulfil their commitment to new TB vaccines (post with simple image)

TB Vax ARM launches a campaign calling on the European leadership to fulfil their political and funding commitment to deliver new vaccines to end TB by 2030.

European commitments to TB R&D investments: Promises made to be broken? (post with simple image)

A brief, released by Treatment Action Group, outlines the pathway the EU can take to scale up support for TB R&D, and advance the many European-sponsored TB vaccine candidates currently in the development pipeline.

Urgent call for better use of existing vaccines and development of new vaccines to tackle AMR (post with simple image)

The World Health Organization releases the first-ever report on the pipeline of the vaccines currently in development to prevent infections caused by antimicrobial-resistant bacterial pathogens.

TB CAB 10-year anniversary evaluation report 2011–2021 and podcast (post with simple image)

In 2021, TB CAB celebrated its tenth anniversary of advocating for community engagement in research and improved access to TB prevention, treatment, and diagnostic technologies.

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