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Building an Evidence Base to Advocate for TB Research (post with simple image)

TAG TB Project Co-Director Mike Frick discusses how public databases maintained by the NIH have been instrumental in supporting TAG's efforts to track global funding for TB research over time and hold governments and donors accountable to their TB research commitments.

TB CAB statement on M72/AS01E TB vaccine candidate development (post with simple image)

Statement by the Global TB Community Advisory Board to the High-level consultation on accelerating the development of the M72/AS01E tuberculosis vaccine candidate

TAG welcomes unprecedented U.S. support for TB research, urges all countries to increase investments (post with simple image)

TAG welcomes the news of increased investment from the U.S. government in TB research and development; urges all countries to follow through on commitments made at the 2018 UN High-Level Meeting on TB.

Civil society demands affordability, transparency and accountability from the TB Alliance (post with simple image)

Civil society activists storm the stage at The Union Conference to demand affordability, transparency and accountability from the TB Alliance.

Public investments in TB medicine bedaquiline far exceed those of developer Johnson & Johnson (post with simple image)

Quantification of investments in the development of bedaquiline finds total public and philanthropic expenditures are three to five times those of Johnson & Johnson.

TAG’s 2019 Pipeline Report: Three TB sections released (post with simple image)

The sections provide an overview of TB diagnostics, vaccines and treatment.

TB Alliance responds to questions raised by activists in relation to pretomanid (post with simple image)

MSF, TAG and TB CAB raised a number of outstanding medical and research questions regarding pretomanid and the regimen BPaL.

New TAG report: Funding for TB research climbed to new high in 2018 (post with simple image)

The report — Tuberculosis Research Funding Trends, 2005–2018 — presents new data on funding for TB research and development in 2018 and analyzes trends in spending since 2005.

G-Finder 2019 report: Neglected disease research and development: Uneven progress (post with simple image)

Policy Cures Research released the G-Finder 2019 report analysing research and development funding trends for 36 neglected diseases, including TB.

Global Strategy for TB Research and Innovation adopted (post with simple image)

Member States of the World Health Organization adopt the Global Strategy for TB Research and Innovation at 73rd World Health Assembly.

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