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Global Strategy for TB Research and Innovation adopted (post with simple image)

Member States of the World Health Organization adopt the Global Strategy for TB Research and Innovation at 73rd World Health Assembly.

TAG policy brief: TB Research Investments Provide Returns in Combating Both TB and COVID-19 (post with simple image)

Sustained and expanded financing is needed to safeguard TB research against COVID-19–related disruptions and improve global epidemic preparedness.

TAG policy brief: Advancing Access through Market Interventions (post with simple image)

Lessons Learned from the GeneXpert Tuberculosis Test Buy-Down

Public investment in bedaquiline up to five-fold that of Johnson & Johnson (post with simple image)

PLOS ONE publishes TAG’s rigorous, peer-reviewed calculation of investments in the development of this life-saving TB medicine.

New TAG report: Funding for TB research in 2019 nears half of global target (post with simple image)

The report — Tuberculosis Research Funding Trends, 2005–2019 — presents new data on 2019 funding for TB research and development and analyzes trends in investment since 2005.

‘Catastrophic moral failure’: Stop TB Partnership joins WHO Director-General’s warning on COVID-19 vaccines (post with simple image)

Lack of access to COVID-19 vaccines for people in the world’s poorest countries echoes the health inequity faced by people affected by TB.

Global roadmap for TB vaccine development launched (post with simple image)

The Roadmap identifies priorities for the development and implementation of new TB vaccines with the aim to coordinate and accelerate global action.

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