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Indonesian TB-diabetes consensus signed (post)

Seven health professional organisations in Indonesia have joined together to sign a consensus statement on tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus – two diseases whose inter-relationship is causing great concern.

The Union: New WHO report underscores action needed against TB and diabetes (post)

28 October 2015 (Paris, France) – Today health officials from the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva released a comprehensive report on the global scale of tuberculosis, a contagious airborne disease. The report includes startling new data—chiefly, that TB has replaced HIV/AIDS as the world’s most deadly infectious disease, measured by numbers of people who died from the illness in 2014. The report comes just as global health experts are set to convene early next week to address TB and its relationship with another major disease that is rapidly increasing: diabetes. Together, the two diseases present a looming co-epidemic.

Jose Luis Castro: Taking action against TB-diabetes (post)

November 1, 2015 - Last week the World Health Organization released new data showing that TB has become the world’s most deadly infectious disease, measured by numbers of people who die from the illness. TB killed 1.5 million people in 2014, including people with TB-HIV co-infection. That’s 890,000 men, 480,000 women and 140,000 children.

Bali Summit: Coordinated TB-diabetes treatment needed across all levels of the health system (post)

2 November 2015 - “We have the ability and responsibility to address a growing public health crisis that needs urgent action. I am here to say we at The Union accept this challenge. We have to unite efforts in the fight against TB and diabetes. And we must take action now,” said The Union’s Executive Director, José Luis Castro, in a speech that opened Stopping a Looming Co-Epidemic: A Global Summit on Diabetes and Tuberculosis.

Current TB infection influences hyperglycemia diagnosis (post)

Recent data suggested African patients with tuberculosis infection often test positive for hyperglycemia, but may return to normal blood glucose levels once tuberculosis treatment is completed.

Rapid rise of diabetes mellitus takes world to brink of diabetes-TB co-epidemic (post)

This World Health Day, 7 April, The Union calls on the global health community to confront the rising rates of diabetes mellitus. For this year’s event, the World Health Organization (WHO) will highlight the need to address the growing global diabetes epidemic by launching the new “Beat Diabetes” campaign and releasing the first Global Report on Diabetes.

India: Diabetes patients will now be tested for TB (post)

  • Diabetes patients will now also be referred to undergo examination for tuberculosis at government facilities.
  • Studies showed that people with diabetes have 2-3 times higher risk of contracting TB.
  • The project has been implemented in 100 districts across India.

CHENNAI: Patients who test positive for diabetes at government facilities will now also be referred to undergo examination for tuberculosis.

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