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Report: ECAB meeting on HIV/TB coinfection, May 17-19, 2013 (post)

The purpose of the report, based on the TB ECAB (European Community Advisory Board) meeting held in Brussels between May 17-19, 2013 is to inform ECAB and community advocates on HIV/TB treatment, care and research advocacy, in order to increase the capacity of the ECAB members and partners to get further involved in TB drugs, diagnostics development and access, and to identify key advocacy priorities.

Armenia: Tackling drug-resistant TB (post)

"I thought I would definitely die, I lost all hope", says Arman, a thirtyfive year-old ex-soldier from Armenia.

Otsuka: Response to TB CAB, CRAG, TAG open letter (post with simple image)

Otsuka's response to open letter regarding delamanid compassionate use program.

Open letter to Otsuka: continued concerns about delamanid's accessibility (post with simple image)

Leading doctors, advocacy groups and medical organizations remain concerned on several fronts regarding access to delamanid.

Countering TB resistance was futile – but no longer (post with simple image)

It was May 23 2010 and 21-year-old Funiwe Mbhamhama woke to the beautiful but forlorn sound of church singing. She looked at the sun streaming in through the crack in the orange curtains of her Khayelitsha home. It wasn't Sunday. There should be no singing. 

Activists urge Otsuka to provide access to TB drug (post with simple image)

TB activists interrupted Otsuka’s symposium at the 45th Conference on Lung Health, calling for widespread registration of and immediate broad compassionate use access to delamanid, Otsuka’s new drug to treat multidrug-resistant TB.

Drug-resistant tuberculosis a tiny — but potent — foe in L.A. County (post with simple image)

Otsuka rejected Dr. Caitlin Reed’s attempt to obtain delamanid for her patient, Gary, who has the most drug-resistant case of TB ever identified in the United States.

Access sought to tuberculosis drug from nutraceutical company (post with simple image)

Erica Lessem: Otsuka claims to have a compassionate use program, but there is nothing compassionate about only allowing a handful of patients to access delamanid.

Call to action: Accelerate access to DR-TB drugs (post with simple image)

SIGN ON LETTER to global actors and drug companies: Please provide organizational sign-ons by 6 March.

Call to action: Accelerate access to DR-TB drugs (post with simple image)

А letter from 89 organizations urges action to accelerate access to new and repurposed drugs to treat drug-resistant tuberculosis.

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