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International support for compulsory license to address access barriers to life-saving TB medicines (post with simple image)

Advocates urge the Indian government to issue compulsory licenses for patents on bedaquiline and delamanid to make the drugs more affordable and accessible.

New data shows COVID-19 combined with funding shortfalls are devastating efforts to end TB by 2030 (post with simple image)

Less than half of required funding has been provided globally with dramatic consequences as hundreds of thousands more die from TB.

Advocates urge Cepheid to reinstate plans to commercialize GeneXpert Omni (post with simple image)

Advocates call out Cepheid for canceling commercialization of the portable point-of-care GeneXpert Omni testing instrument and urge the company to reinstate plans to launch Omni, reiterating demands for Cepheid to reduce the price of GeneXpert tests to $5, inclusive of service and maintenance, across diseases.

TB survivors call on G20 to invest in new TB vaccines (post with simple image)

TB Vax ARM launches a campaign calling on G20 governments to fulfil their funding and political commitments to develop new TB vaccines.

An Activist’s Guide to Shorter Treatment for Drug-Sensitive TB (post with simple image)

This new resource provides activists with information about two shorter treatment regimens for drug-sensitive TB, and equips them with actions they can take and arguments they can use to advocate for access to those regimens.

Civil society meaningful engagement into integrated health response on TB, HIV and viral hepatitis (post with simple image)

A newly released policy brief is meant to help better understand the UN Common Position on Ending HIV, TB and Viral Hepatitis through Intersectoral Collaboration, and to present the best practices of civil society for integrated response on TB, HIV and viral hepatitis.

Standardized package of community-based support services to improve TB outcomes (post with simple image)

The TB Europe Coalition releases a new guide for affected community, civil society organizations, National TB Programs and policy makers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

From local to global: Enhancing community engagement in TB accountability (post with simple image)

The TB Europe Coalition releases a new document, aiming to assist TB civil society organizations and community organizations from EECA countries in influencing national monitoring, data collection and accountability systems.

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