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Lindsay McKenna: What does it mean to be a good activist? (post with simple image)

At the 2023 Union Conference, TAG's Lindsay McKenna sat down with Denis Godlevsky of ITPC EECA for a wide-ranging discussion on TB research, activism, and TAG's historic + present role shaping both.

The rejection of the bedaquiline patent opposition in Indonesia raises the risk of difficulty in accessing optimal TB therapy (post with simple image)

The patent opposition was submitted by the Indonesia AIDS Coalition and Indonesia for Global Justice in November 2022 and was rejected by a decision from the Judiciary Panel on 9 November 2023.

TB advocacy resource: A Different Kind of Gap (post with simple image)

ACTON releases an advocacy tool exploring what funding gaps in the Global Fund’s Grant Cycle 7 mean for the fight against TB and what happens if they are not filled.

World TB Day 2024 campaign toolkit (post with simple image)

The Stop TB Partnership releases the campaign toolkit for this year’s 'Yes! We Can End TB' World TB Day campaign on 24 March 2024.

Community consensus on the earlier inclusion of pregnant women and persons in TB research (post with simple image)

A consensus statement provides a framework for ensuring that pregnant and breastfeeding women and persons are better served by TB research and can fully benefit from scientific advancements in the prevention and treatment of TB.

World TB Day 2024 campaign (post with simple image)

On World TB Day, WHO is calling for action on several fronts to ensure that the commitments made to end TB are achieved. WHO releases an advocacy and communications World TB Day campaign package.

Time for $5 Coalition launches global petition targeting medical test maker Cepheid and parent corporation Danaher (post with simple image)

TB advocates protest outside the headquarters of Danaher in Washington, DC, demanding price drop to $5 per test.

Mid-campaign report highlights what’s needed to win better, shorter TB treatments for all by end of 2024 (post with simple image)

With less than a year to go until the 1/4/6x24 Campaign deadline, the Getting Better Faster: Delivering on the Promise of New TB Treatments report outlines both progress made and remaining gaps toward achieving 1/4/6x24.

Three wins needed to deliver new TB vaccines this decade (post with simple image)

The TB Vax ARM outlines three key advocacy wins for the field to achieve by 2026 in order to effectively advance TB vaccine development. Check them out and sign a petition to show your support!

Stigma kills: Why medicine alone won’t end TB (post with simple image)

Results UK’s new advocacy report presents the case for adopting a whole of society approach to ending TB, focused on addressing the underlying social causes of TB alongside curing the physical disease.

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