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Community-led monitoring for access to TB screening and diagnostic testing (post with simple image)

A tool, developed by the Coalition of Women Living with HIV and AIDS in partnership with Treatment Action Group, designed to equip communities to use community-lead monitoring to better understand the TB screening and diagnostic services, and to translate findings into evidence-based advocacy.

TB Language Guide 2.0 launched at Stop TB Partnership Board meeting (post with simple image)

Words Matter for people affected by TB: Call for everyone to champion empowering language free from stigma and discrimination.

TB Europe Coalition releases a brochure on people-centered TB care (post with simple image)

The brochure provides a brief overview of up-to-date prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of TB based on human rights, high ethical standards, and a people-centered approach.

Health systems in crisis: The Global Fund's impact in Ukraine (post with simple image)

A report highlights stories from people living with HIV and TB in Ukraine to demonstrate the need for an ambitious pledge at the Global Fund's upcoming Seventh Replenishment in September 2022.

Analysis: People-centered, rights-based TB legislation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (post with simple image)

The Global TB Caucus releases an analysis examining the region’s laws on public health, health systems, labor, TB, and other infectious diseases.

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