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The European Commission must scale up its contribution to the Global Fund (post with simple image)

Advocates call on the European Commission to make an early pledge of € 715 million to the Global Fund’s replenishment campaign.

Invest in women to end TB – Where women lead, change happens (post with simple image)

The Global Coalition of TB Advocates, Women4GlobalFund and TB Women Global call for a gender transformative programming within TB responses.

TB REACH Wave 10 now open for proposals (post with simple image)

Wave 10 to focus on two new areas: Integrated TB service delivery and TB preventive treatment.

G20 focus on TB financing (post with simple image)

Indonesian G20 Presidency TB event presents a multicomponent approach to finance the TB response and prepare the world for future pandemics.

Ending TB suffering and deaths in children (post with simple image)

Lindsay McKenna, TB Project Co-Director at Treatment Action Group, gives an overview of the recent advances in the management of TB in children, and elaborates what needs to be done to meet the 2022 targets set in the 2018 UN High-Level Meeting political declaration to end TB suffering and deaths in children.

Community-led monitoring for access to TB screening and diagnostic testing (post with simple image)

A tool, developed by the Coalition of Women Living with HIV and AIDS in partnership with Treatment Action Group, designed to equip communities to use community-lead monitoring to better understand the TB screening and diagnostic services, and to translate findings into evidence-based advocacy.

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