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Global Drug Facility announces price reductions up to 55% for bedaquiline (post with simple image)

The new prices are valid through December 2024 and present price reductions up to 55% compared to the previous price of US$289 for a 6-month treatment course of bedaquiline.

Johnson & Johnson and Cepheid must expand access to TB drug and tests (post with simple image)

TB is curable but remains the world’s leading infectious disease killer as pharma corporations stand in the way of affordable medical tools.

Reduced price and increased access to Cepheid’s TB test (post with simple image)

Global Fund, Stop TB Partnership and USAID announce new collaboration with Danaher to reduce price and increase access to Cepheid’s TB test. Five million additional tests can be procured with this lower price.

At this week’s UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on TB, the 1/4/6×24 Campaign calls on political leaders to take urgent action for equitable access to shorter, safer TB regimens (post with simple image)

Ahead of the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on TB, the 1/4/6×24 Campaign is sounding the alarm that the political declaration commits neither the funding nor the actions needed to expand access to the best-available TB regimens and diagnostics.

TB preventive therapy price cut (post with simple image)

USAID and PEPFAR announce that they have secured a 30% price reduction on the TB preventive treatment regimen called 3HP, taking the price from $14.25 to $9.99 for a three-month patient course.

Open letters to Johnson & Johnson requesting equitable access to bedaquiline (post with simple image)

Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Moldova demand that Johnson & Johnson take urgent action to improve equitable access to bedaquiline in all countries with a high burden of TB.

Johnson & Johnson confirms intent not to enforce patents for SIRTURO® (bedaquiline) for the treatment of multidrug-resistant TB in 134 low- and middle-income countries (post with simple image)

The decision is intended to assure current and future generic manufacturers that they may manufacture and sell generic versions of SIRTURO® without a concern that the Company will enforce its bedaquiline patents, provided the generic versions of SIRTURO® are of good quality, medically acceptable, and are used only in the 134 low- and middle-income countries.

Johnson & Johnson pricing agreement for critical TB drug still unfairly restricts access in countries where the need is greatest (post with simple image)

Unitaid calls on Johnson & Johnson to drop secondary patents for the drug-resistant TB medicine bedaquiline, and to make negotiated rates with the Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility available to all countries, regardless of how they purchase drugs.

Activism delivers unprecedented victories in TB testing and treatment access (post with simple image)

Historic price reductions will allow millions more people to receive TB prevention, treatment and testing.

An Activist’s Guide to Shorter Treatment for Drug-Resistant TB (post with simple image)

This new resource lays out what activists need to know about the new drug-resistant TB treatment regimens, and equips them with actions they can take and arguments they can use to advocate for access to those regimens.

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