FIND and QuantuMDx partnering to developing breakthrough technology for tuberculosis detection and drug resistance determination

24 October 2014. Geneva and Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: FIND, a Geneva-based non-profit organization and QuantuMDx Group, a British medical device developer are joining forces in developing a paradigm changing solution for the combined detection of and drug susceptibility determination for the causative agent for tuberculosis. Based on the molecular detection of an extensive set of genetic markers by the simple handheld Q-POC™ device developed by QuantuMDx, the time for full antimycobacterial resistance profiling will be reduced from weeklong to less than half an hour. The uniqueness of the nanowire technology developed by QuantuMDx provides the potential to interrogate the bacterial genome with unprecedented precision, as it allows not only targeted detection of specific markers, but in addition (in a future evolution of the present system) genetic sequencing on the same technology platform. As part of this partnership, FIND is supporting the development of an appropriate and integrated sample handling compartment, while QuantuMDx continues its platform development.

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Cepheid, FIND & Rutgers announce collaboration for next-generation innovations to game-changing Xpert MTB/RIF test

Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra, the next-generation test for Mycobacterium tuberculosis, will be with increased sensitivity to aid in detection of patients with smear-negative TB, which is often associated with HIV co-infection.

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FIND is appointed as WHO Collaborating Centre

The four-year appointment acknowledges the role FIND plays in evaluating and introducing new TB diagnostic solutions and building laboratory capacity needed to effectively control TB.

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Progress in diagnosing multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

Innovative project expands access to new test: the project known as EXPAND-TB helped to triple the number of MDR-TB cases diagnosed in participating countries.

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