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Decoding tuberculosis: Using analysis to better understand disease, develop new treatments

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) is the causative agent of the serious lung disease, tuberculosis, that is widespread throughout the world. About one-third of the human population is infected with tuberculosis, which takes at least six months of daily drug treatment to cure. Unfortunately, there is an increasing prevalence of drug resistant strains of the disease.

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Looking at the bacteria inside: A new method of viewing TB bacteria

March 23, 2016 - Although tuberculosis (TB) is commonly thought of as being a disease that mainly affects nineteenth century poets and Victor Hugo characters, it is still the second-most common cause of mortality from an infectious disease in the world, killing nearly three people every minute. Every March 24, on World TB Day, the global health community recognizes the work of Robert Koch, who announced on that date in 1882 his discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that causes TB.

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Faster screening test to identify tuberculosis

With 9 million new cases and 2 million deaths annually, tuberculosis is the second most prevalent and deadliest infectious disease worldwide. As an airborne disease, it spreads easily and is very contagious. Quick detection and identification is the key to success in preventing the spread of the disease.

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