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India: Increasing burden brings forth patients with ocular tuberculosis

Ophthalmologists across the country are recording more and more cases of ocular tuberculosis, particularly patients with tubercular uveitis, a form of inflammation of the middle layer (uvea) of the eye caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis or by the interaction between the body's immune system and mycobacteria.

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India: Surge in drug-resistant TB cases across Maharashtra

PUNE: Maharashtra recorded 779 cases of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB), the world's most untreatable form of TB, in 2015 - the highest figure recorded in last five years.

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India: Medicine for drug-resistant TB patients to benefit 800 in Maharashtra

PUNE, Sep 25, 2015: The new medicine to treat drug-resistant tuberculosis will be rolled out in four Indian cities and will be made available for free.

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India: Drug sensitivity test on every new TB patient in Maharashtra

PUNE: Within two months, every newly diagnosed tuberculosis (TB) patient in Maharashtra will be first put through the drug susceptibility test to check for drug-resistant TB, and also to determine which drugs will work well on the patient.

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India: Govt to roll out daily drug treatment for TB

PUNE: The daily drug treatment for tuberculosis (TB) will be rolled out initially in five states, including Maharashtra, Bihar, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim, between January and February next year. The new regimen will replace the existing three times a week treatment and will be implemented across the country in a phased manner thereafter.

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India: Study finds doctors also adding to burden of drug-resistant TB cases

PUNE: It is not just the patients who default on treatment, but also private doctors who are to blame for the rise in drug-resistant cases of tuberculosis.

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India: State records 155 XDR-TB cases in 3 years, 8 from Pune district

PUNE: The state has recorded 155 cases of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) in the last three years. Of the 155 cases, 115 alone were recorded last year. Barring nine cases, most of the patients diagnosed with XDR-TB are from Mumbai (123), Navi Mumbai (25) and Pune district (8).

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India: 7-month-old is 6th infant with MDR-TB this year

PUNE: A seven-month-old girl from Ahmednagar has become the sixth infant aged below one year to be diagnosed with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) at the Sassoon hospital here this year. The youngest baby to contract the infection was only two months old.

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India: Report each TB case to us, says health dept

Private practitioners treating tuberculosis patients will now have to report each case to the state health department. The aim is to improve private doctors' participation as well as to ensure appropriate and effective treatment of the disease.

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