Donald G. McNeil Jr.

Why don’t we have vaccines against everything?

Money is just the obvious obstacle. A few diseases, like H.I.V., so far have outwitted both the immune system and scientists.

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Vietnam’s battle with tuberculosis

Lack of funding threatens Vietnam’s successful campaign to treat, cure TB.

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AIDS progress in South Africa is in peril

VERENA, South Africa — A fading roadside ad for Selala Funeral Service here captures what was, until recently, the essence of South Africa’s AIDS epidemic: “Tombstones Are Available,” it reads. “Buy One, Get One Free.”

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Treating tuberculosis and AIDS together saves lives

Patients who have multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis and AIDS are more likely to live if they get simultaneous treatment for both diseases rather than waiting weeks to start the AIDS treatment, a new study has found.

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Spurious tuberculosis drugs pose a threat

Substandard tuberculosis drugs sold by pharmacies in poor countries are a growing public health threat, but the problem could be alleviated if governments enforced World Health Organization standards, a new study reports.

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