Delthia Ricks

PET and CT scans provide keen views of lungs with active TB, and are better assessment tools than sputum tests

In clinical trials, a time-honored but old-school way to determine if TB is being knocked out by antibiotics involves having study participants cough up phlegm for a sputum culture, a test that can gauge whether the bacteria are succumbing to—or resisting—treatment.

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Battle royale: How bacteria fight antibiotics and up the ante in chemical warfare

Inadequate development of new antibiotics and rising rates of resistance by bacteria to existing antimicrobials are dual forces pushing the world ever closer to a post-antibiotic era.

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Shaped like a cone: The configuration of 'virulence factors' that allow TB to invade the lungs

The bacterial pathogen that causes tuberculosis is a master of deception, a king of clever tricks—an enemy agent that not only infiltrates but can become a long-term stowaway in patients' lungs.

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