Guidelines on management of Leprosy and Tuberculosis in Kenya

Author: Kenya Ministry of Health and Sanitation
Recommended citation: Kenya Ministry of Health and Sanitation . Guidelines on management of Leprosy and Tuberculosis in Kenya. 2009.
Published: 2009


This guidelines document aims to address challenges experienced in health services due to the tuberculosis and HIV epidemic in the face of the socio- economic environment. The policy identifies areas for increased support such as: human resource capacity strengthening in order to coordinate effective control activities, decentralisation of control services to the community level, increased collaboration between TB and HIV control programs for delivery of integrated TB/HIV services, sustained public health education campaigns to promote early care seeking and adherence to treatment at community level, promotion of private–public partnerships to increase the number of non - public providers integrated into the TB service provider network and health care worker training and support for better TB case management by health care providers.

Catalogue: Kenya
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